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Work of an Artist

Pleasure in the moment, pleasure in the music

Pleasure in clay sculptures, lines and curves breathed upon,

To smooth the roughened skin, muscle and adipose in balance

Ligaments and tendons, genetically driven;

Many vessels of honor anointed by Holy Oil

As the ultimate purpose spiritually revealed with eternal pleasure,

In the beauty of form

In the beauty of function

With strength of discipline in self-control.

To shower others with goodness

To be at rest in peace;

The pure colored eyes show spirit light from the soul

Clean and pure light

Along with radiant smiles that attract,

Many are drawn as delight in  life is lived out;

The sublime beauty of a small child glows

The lasting inner beauty of a mature woman draws even closer,

Certainly a Daughter of Jerusalem!

True love always brings honor to another

Honor to the greatest Kingdom

And faithful honor to the King;

The heart opens fully as a delicate blossom

Unique shape and color and scent

Exposed to the world,

Fearless, expressed boldly to the world.

Now another champion of Truth goes forth

Becomes as one who handles the Spirit Sword with diligence,

Precise brilliant movements, poetic and athletic

As a dancer and a warrior

In step, led one day, one person at a time;

Prayers so powerful

Mixed with Heaven’s incense as the fragrance of life goes forth

The captivating aroma from the Throne,

Essence of courage in confidence surrounds

Ushers in lasting beauty

Stunning beauty with honor freely shared,

Grace from above that carries this one

Attractive to all,

Most attractive to God.