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The longing of all generations

The yearning of endless hearts hope-filled

To be caught up in true  love

Raptured in clouds of glory;

Oh, to hear a loud Voice from Heaven

The Lord on His Throne to say- “Come up here!”

By the power of His Spirit

By the hands of angels

Miraculously caught up high into the air by the Heavenly Winds

To be as clouds of purest white

The gathering of eternity,

To be presented before the Lord of Holiness;

The joy of salvation leaps from the Earth

Suddenly erupts greater than any volcano with gladness

From the highest mountains, from the valleys and forests

From all the desert nations and scattered islands of the seas,

As far up into the sky, go clouds of millions upon millions of chosen ones

Those willing to pay the price, to drink the cup,

Never to shrink from death in faithfulness

True to the Savior, faithful to the end;

Divine covenant of Kingdom knowledge displayed in magnificence

As Majestic fields of royal flowers

Colorful gems to be truly revealed in glowing splendor

Many times many who have waited in enduring patience

Numberless children of Eternal Hope

A holy remnant of human vessels of faith in Messiah given,

Out of the vast sea of many, the few who chose to believe

To follow their Savior in life and death

To drink the cup of His Cross

And then fly off from the world with angels trailing in bridal fashion,

These always clinging to doves of peace

Holding tightly the Hand of Love

Faithful in the awful face of the Beast  Kingdom

Songs of thundering praise in resurrection celebration,

Caught up “in a flash” as in a sudden dream

“In the twinkling of an eye” like a Spirit vision,

Carried through the stars as the trailing of the King’s royal robe.

Now, to be caught up into glory

Triumph in resurrection jubilation

Soon to feast with their Shepherd King

A wedding banquet with their Savior, their Lord

Now ushered at last into His Holy Presence!