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To bless, not curse

As we stand in the Light of Messiah’s greatness,

We are strong in the beginning

Strong in the end

Strong throughout our journey in this fragile body;

From the first glimmers of His sunrise

Come revelations of Power and Beauty and Majesty,

Pure streaks of brilliantly colored Truth reach across the horizons

Of the experience of our beings,

Life risen from spiritual death is ours

Surrounded, enclosed in the very essence of our human existence

Now richly clothed with eternal purpose

The salve of Heavenly meaning as an anointing

Upon the eyes of our soul,

A Holy Spirit anointing forever upon the body, soul and spirit.

From such an unimaginable place of power and authority

Divine wisdom and strength rest in peace,

Humility bows in love before the Holy Throne of our King

Obedience to the greatest command given in honor,

To love first

To be patient with those weaker in faith

To forgive and forget

And even to love those who hate us;

To see through and beyond all the enemies

To let mercy and Godly compassion rule “above all things”,

Sovereign Justice as supreme,

And to simple live a life of love

As our Teacher lived out in His “Body of Redemption”;

Yes, as our Lord and Shepherd lived

As our Messiah always lives today;

Oh, to walk with our Lord Yeshua

And to become more like Him!