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In vibrant purpose of existence

To help bring the children home

Through the purest gate of safety

Into and up the steps of stars into Heaven,

While the Universe now reflected

As a calm sitting pool of crystal water

Set before the Holy Throne,

“Sea of glass” with every infinite detail quietly shown

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Every man, every woman

Each baby step of each human path begun and ended

Sovereignly guided

Judged, weighed in the balance

In zeal ordered for eternal purposes;

Who amongst us really understands

Who can grasp a silver cord of the heavenly prayer shawl

Israel’s true destiny revealed in Jerusalem’s jeweled glow

Displayed in Abraham our father of faith

Who looked up into the stars

And believed the Words of his God,

The one who fully understood the sand at the seashore of all humanity.

The Shepherd of Love

Has led the only true Way,

And who of us will follow Him,

Who will seek Life

Who amongst the humble children

Will dance before Him in joyous salvation

Sing before Him eternal praises

In celebration of our Majestic Savior,

His flock, His beautiful children

Filled with His knowledge

Bursting with Eternal Life;

Their vast playground of abundant worship

Basking always in the Light of Heaven

That dances as well about the Greatness of their God,

And overflows always with new songs, new music thundering forth!