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The human body in balance

Universe in balance

All in His hand,

Along a beach in a sunrise or a sunset

The beauty of a woman’s form

Symmetry of shape and function from the hands of the Divine Artist,

And the strength of a man ordained with purpose;

Infinite creativity a constant, brilliant display

For a man to know as a husband

As a woman reveals as a wife the deepest secrets.

The Earth and sky

Dance along with clouds

Take pleasure in the “four winds”

That carry life and breath and moisture throughout the planet,

Water from above

Water from below

In intricate balance throughout the lands of nations;

From ocean to ocean above and deep below

Sea to sea,

Rivers that flow

Currents that circulate about the oceans

Even as the heavenly winds high above,

Even waves of energy from our sun;

The moon and sun in precise alignment

Planets all in exact movements about the sun

Heat and cold, light and darkness in finest balance,

Stars beyond understanding draped over all that can be seen.

The heart and soul of a man, a woman’s spirit

Prayers of ‘need’ lift from the heart

And the Spirit of the Lord moves,

The human body as a good vessel

An exquisite tent that encloses

Thoughts within flow through as a stream

The strength of will acts out

And the enlightened spirit dances in true praise,

He stands in awe of Holiness

She bows in reverence

Humbly before the revelation of the Creator of all

Majestic Creator of our complete lives

Divine Master, Shepherd of our abundant eternity;

Infinity within, infinity without

We are but reflections of His majestic eternity

In the eyes of our Creator, our Lord

Our eternal Savior

Our God of Peace.