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Stars so high above

As the yearning for love

To live a life

To live a life of  love

Bright as stars high above!


Chorus: Stars shining tonight

                 A ready glow

                 An angel’s light

                 Who love to give

                 Who give to love

                 An angel’s stepping stone!


A heart given

Longs to embrace you

To touch a life

To touch a life with peace

Ready as stars above!


Like angels serve

Delight, yearn to honor

To love their God

To live to love their God

Glow bright as stars above!


Numberless stars

To give without limit

To care and share

Lift one more by the hand

Shine for him, shine for her!


We see stars so bright

All over and through the night

We see them very high above

Our hearts are soon filled with love

Angels in beauty join our song

Bring praise to our Savior

Our God high above…