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By grace, settling onto the Rock that fills the Earth

And towers high above as the “greatest mountain”,

Even the Universe is filled to overflowing

And beyond,

Far more than all imagination;

Infinity displays, expresses the impossible

What our God has done

What our Lord is able to do

Sovereign control by “eyes that beheld our unformed substance”

Within our own beautiful mother’s womb,

All of our days foreknown

The end from the beginning.

The One who lovingly predestines our footsteps

From day to day

Person after person

Circumstances that flow from one into another

Even in the streets of New York City or San Francisco,

As we grow

As we mature

Hopefully become men and women who experience Faith  

Who believe in the Messiah, Israel’s King of the Jews,

Who discover true riches in His Holy Spirit

And “taste and see” the abundance of hidden Kingdom wealth,

Become God’s eternal children

Each of us a minister, a priest of the Holy Lord.


Our days on Earth as a long, drawn out walk at times

A difficult walk

Full of dangers and distraction,

Temptations flood upon us

Tempting thoughts trickle into our minds as well from unclean spirits;

But our Shepherd cares for each of us

Watches over His flock with zeal as written

Establishes our footsteps,

Brings “this one” into our lives

And then, “that one”;

Many people and places come and go

Some people as friends, most as strangers,

Some remain always close to the heart

And then we move on in obedient faith

Along our own personal stepping stones

Across the narrow stream

Across the widest river

Over a puddle or a lake

Even at times across the impossible divide,

Then at last, move on from this Earth, this body

Safely into the “arms of Heaven”

As God’s infinite plan continues to unfold.