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Do you hear a sweet melody

A tender whisper carried on the wind,

Even your name spoken in purest love?

Oh, to reach out in most personal discovery

To touch a rainbow

And take hold of newly found splendid fruit

In the garden of revelation suddenly before you

Somehow made known in your life

All true freedom at your fingertips,

The human spirit on rich, “Rock” solid ground at last;

Yet, simultaneously soars above the clouds

And bows joyfully before the Kingdom Throne

Basking in the Majestic Presence of Israel’s eternal Messiah.

From now on every new day a celebration of triumph

Victory in a life of everlasting spiritual fellowship

Friendship with Adam’s Creator

In worship of Eve’s Maker;

On Earth our true life often hidden by our human nature

The hand of God unseen by fallen, blinded bodies, souls and dead spirits,

Confused by lying fallen angels who empower false religions and worse.

Yet, our God is able

Yeshua the Son of Man is more than able,

Shown with Divine Love and wisdom in the Redeemer’s Cross

The only true Shepherd is more than able;

Our Father draws a soul to His Holy Son

Our Lord then embraces each in covenant spirit rebirth,

True lasting beauty revealed in new Light

As the One who fills the Universe

And our hearts.

Each one, each man and woman chosen to become a new creation

By the flaming eyes of Messiah’s Holy Spirit;

Life from above truly becomes Life in another one

And there is joy of salvation,

Of rescue from the world

Joy of true freedom from the invisible snare

Vulnerable human nature, the natural self exposed

Trapped in ancient lies and falsehood

In the common earthly life covered with heavy cloaks of deception,

Delusions and illusions,

Fear of every color and flavor

Crowned with selfish pride.

As bright stars scattered widely in the heavens

Good seeds of eternal Life are generously sown,

While one servant of Love sows

Another harvests,

Kingdom children forever birthed

Matured as disciples

Joined to life that is true life in their King,

A life of love

A life of peace

A life of brilliant adventure in fulfillment

A life of abundance in satisfaction

A life of continual revelation of glorious splendor in majesty,

A life far beyond the reach of the “Second Death”!