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Peace in the strength of our Lord

Most powerful Presence in the Universe

His Spirit of Peace the divine Presence within

Given as the most precious Gift from above

Kingdom jewel that crowns the born again human spirit

Kingdom gift, Kingdom proof and assurance;

The wise and the watchful

Those alert, always ready who pray without ceasing,

Our eyes look continually to the Lord

Thoughts fixed, drip with persevering oil of endurance

Holy Spirit anointing upon the intimate Heavenly call,

Steadfast in purpose of consuming love;

Oil lamps always lit and ready

Abundance of oil at hand,

“Wise virgins” who faithfully await their beloved One

Who look to their Savior, their coming bridegroom

Covenant love already experienced;

The greatest commitment possible through the Cross

Bread of Life, Words of the Spirit in the purest stream

Living Water that flows from the Throne of Love

While the Risen King watches each man and woman

His children that belong

Secure within the temple tent of the Redeemer,

Shepherd of His chosen flock.