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A peaceful, lazy boat ride on a Minnesota lake

The deep bottom seen easily, rocks and sand and fish

Clean, cool waters

A soothing pleasure on an early summer day;

Truth is absolute purity

Seen in the most beautiful “blazing eyes”,

Just as spring water flows in a hidden valley

Waiting to be discovered,

A serene and most beautiful place of abundance

Clean blue sky above

Clean, healthy earth below

Untainted by man

Untouched by the common human litter and filth.

A trumpet sounds high above the white clouds

Precise, delightful notes heard within the soul

Unfiltered, music of inner pleasure

As so much ready to be revealed,

God’s Eternal Truth in visions shown,

More than dreams that guide along a quiet path

Visions seen birthed into reality by men’s, by women’s eyes,

The Kingdom of “spirit rebirth” prepared by our King

With a clear Way made known, new angelic songs to lead;

Footsteps powerfully ordered

Prayerfully grasped, Spirit written

Protected by many angels

Guarded by unseen hosts

Yes, specially prepared for us,

Uniquely, wisely in a large glowing jewel with many facets

Even the soon coming of a new heaven and earth.