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Her beauty comforts me

From deep within the well of her soul

A sweet stream flows

A pure spring,

A gentle, tender stream

Becomes a sensitive fountain with kindness

A quiet, confident sensual beauty flows unhindered

With strength of mind, a brilliant intellect

As she easily carries divine assurance about

With inner eternal beauty;

From the beginning I was captivated

Arms and heart open fully to her

Willingly, freely drawn into those loving arms

Deepest caring shown,

Honesty of character seen in those light green eyes,

Beyond mere senses

A heart and spirit often proven true

Where naked trust is completely held out,

Offered so freely in true love.

Eternal spiritual beauty

Yes, even seen in an early vision from Heaven given

Of her in her royal white gown with radiance from the King brightly shown

As her glorified body enjoys a field of elegant flowers

Aroma of Messiah all about, scent of His beauty,

In unending joy she picks an armful to give, as a pleasure to share

To set before the Throne;

A daughter of Eve

My wife,

A daughter of Jerusalem.