Warriors of the Lord

Stand together in triumph

Life over death,

Love over hatred, good over evil;

All done as the sun slowly sets on the old Earth

In the long season of fallen mankind,

A victorious glow remains on their faces

Much as the radiance of the sharp Spirit blades of their swords,

Sword of Spirit power and authority comfortably in hand,

Harder than diamond, sharper than light

The Word of God rests peacefully within.

Courage faces the bitter soup of war that thickens daily

A most bitter brew

A crude and vulgar brew

Mix of darkened lies and lustful violence

Most awful blend of deceit and raw wickedness

Championed by the “Lawless one”

Carried forth by numberless lawless ones,

Blood thirsty slaves of the “evil one”;

Enemies of all the good

Enemies destined for eternal fire

A bed of torment ready for each one of them

In their endless “agony of defeat”.

Soldiers of Messiah daily put on the armor of Light

Vast invincible army

Men and women, soldiers clothed with true power and authority

Who wield weapons of warfare before unseen, unknown

Unheard precision and deadly accuracy

Massive blows given to the enemy’s head,

Death blows that sweep the battlefields clean.


A Captain of captains leads them

Astride a muscular horse snorting smoke and fire

Sounds of its hooves as Heaven’s thunder

Greater than earthquakes, the entire world shakes

Every mountain brought low

Islands moved

Every valley brought high,

Fearless armies of disciples trample the battlefields

They charge ahead

More than locusts as Joel wrote

Tear through dark defenses of the enemy

Crush the evil arrogance and pride

Push aside the wicked as mere waste,

Gather the fragrant spoils of victory

Harvest of souls

With tears perfumed in continual prayer,

Yes, and return in joyful abundance of gardens of delight

Clothed with the aroma of Christ

Many armfuls of sheaves

To set before the King of Justice

The Eternal King of Honor,

All gained, all given in the greatest acts of sacrificial love

And purest worship of their God.