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“In the twinkling of an eye”

Most precious “jeweled” Gift

Revelation comes within

To know You, Lord

To know You more and more,

Always more;

The majestic delight of angels

Caught up in purest reverence

In the power and unspeakable beauty of Your Holy Presence my God!

Spirit revelation comes upon a man

Spirit revelation comes upon a woman

And, “suddenly” an awakening by the hand of the Father

Circumstances unfold, people met

Inner hunger, inner thirst drawn out in humble honesty

Then, they prayerfully come to the Son in thanksgiving and worship;

In the amazing, miraculous rebirth of a human spirit,

Faith clothes the soul

And Kingdom reality surrounds with favor

And fills to overflowing with true life.

We all begin to grow

To mature as children of our Heavenly Father

To love our Father

To Love His Son

Messiah through whom all things were made

By the creative will of the Father

Shown brilliantly to us in Yeshua

As the “Word made flesh”;

In the humility of the Faithful One lived out before us

Peace beyond all human understanding flows out

Covers His flock of the  Church of Faith,

Even as war rages on around us

Satan the rebel, the destroyer

Soon to be swept into a darker prison

And then into the “Lake of Fire”

With all the faceless slaves who served him.