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True desires of the heart and soul

Wealth beyond imagination

Rich in the abundance of Heaven,

Never spoils or fades away as a moment of sunshine;

We walk in supernatural power

The strength of the Lord surrounds

Destiny is ours to hold

Knowledge of God the greatest treasures

At rest in our humble spirits;

The Gift of God

Our Savior, our Lord,

Our Holy Shepherd

Always at our side!

There is no fear of man

No loneliness

No anxiety concerning this world

Or our place in it,

Our lives are as a clean flowing stream of peace

Clear, clean and pure water

Soothing to the touch

Cool and refreshing to the body and soul

Brings soothing encouragement as well to all we touch,

Enlightenment, lifting up the needy

Lifts up the poor in spirit;

Yes, compassion burns within

A warmth that reaches out daily

To all who cross our paths

All footsteps ordered by the only Sovereign Lord,

Fragrant prayers rise continually

Incense comes before the Holy Throne

An aroma, the joy and privilege of all,

Men and women, young and old the same

Each one who calls upon the Name

Who call upon the Name in Truth,

The King of Compassion

Whose Name is Love!