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Faithful ones who sow good seeds

And prayerfully reap a joyful harvest,

Victorious in loving confidence from the beginning

Fearlessly triumphant to the final end

Invincible from start to finish,

With the first Holy Spirit breath drawn

To the body’s last;

Steadfast in love,

Faithful in perseverance,

Fearless in endurance.

Abundant weapons given from Heaven

The Spirit of Israel’s Messiah indwells

With unspeakable power;

The One who is the “First and the Last”

The “Beginning and the End”

“Alpha and Omega”,

All powerful God above all!

He who stood as the final warrior

When all else failed

When no other could stand firm, strong in faithfulness on Earth

No one to be  found with true eyes, clear ears, clean hands

No one blameless, with a pure heart,

One Savior stood tall and strong

Became a “Mountain that fills the Earth”;

The only Faithful Witness, Firstborn Son

One Redeemer as the Most Holy Warrior

Faced the cunning, ruthless dark lord

And crushed him beneath His heel,

The Captain of our army, His army.

Today, every fraud imagined played out in the world

Every possible lie imagined fraudulently lived out

Many cloaks of deceit within the shield of Lucifer

Lies and cheating with arrogance

Schemes and murders in raw pride,

Done through pathetic slaves and puppets of the fallen angel

Soon to be cast headlong

Into the raging fire of Divine justice

Place of destiny along with their vicious master,

Place of all stubborn rebels and usurpers

Countless, godless humans who worship themselves

And bow willingly before Satan.

Yet, the purest wisdom and knowledge carry God’s Army

With jeweled wings of gold and silver,

Radiant wings of Truth

With brilliant consuming wings of the Holy Spirit

They carry in strength, swiftly through all life’s struggles and battles

Then settle calmly much as His flock of turtle doves

Confidently at His side,

Each lamb still held closely

As children of His delight

At eternal peace and rest before the Majestic Throne.