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As Mary often did

She comes before Him, in humble reverence,

As Martha learned,

Sits in quiet worship,

At other times she would kneel with tears

The One who always loves, who knows her

Who knows the heart of every woman,

With power to change all to good

With true authority that covers

Like the fine Tent of His calming presence,

Comforting Temple sanctuary of His heart and will,

Always protects

A door thrown open, the same for all sheep

Gate of Heaven’s Peace for her once troubled life

The door of Truth and compassionate deliverance was finally opened

Kingdom of Light radiant in His eyes

Spiritual power that lifted a cloud of depression, discouragement and more

Removed the cold grip of darkness

Anxiety, insecurity, fear, all the confused male relationships,

Her mind made clear, body made clean and youthfully beautiful;

Washed in the purity of His Words

Kingdom of the Heavenly Father now seen

In the God of Israel, Sovereign of Truth,

Eternal purpose of a nation, of a tribe

Good purpose of a new generation

Lasting meaning for one woman once lost

Now found in her Messiah’s love.