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The joy of being alive

Within a body, within the world

At this time and place

Your soul and spirit in your body

Whether flowers are brightly blooming

Or the ground is frozen over,

The beauty of simple existence far exceeds all;

Gifts of eternal reality from above

These flow steadily into our lives

From our Heavenly Father’s hand;

Peace the world cannot give

To breathe freedom with every breath

No matter the circumstances or surroundings,

To embrace a life of love with a clear mind and self-control.

The winds of Heaven flutter about with wings of gold,

Jeweled colors and shapes and sounds

Things human ears cannot naturally hear

Nor human eyes naturally see;

But we are able

Children of Light enabled by the Savior’s hands

To be filled with true abundance, knowledge and understanding

Spirit wisdom that soars high above the clouds

And walks with strength on rock solid ground,

New wine to dance in continual celebration

New Bread of Life to sing melodies of new songs

Constantly upon the lips,

Pleasures of refreshing Living Water that flows up from our reborn hearts.

The joy of our Savior we taste

The joy of salvation we experience

The joy of hope in Kingdom Glory soon fulfilled,

Now ours

Yes, eternally now ours!