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As a drink of cool water

On a hot desert world day,

To reach out from your own hard

And simply ask,

Living Water in a prayerful cup of the Spirit

Is lifted to your dry lips;

The God of Love waits

Longs to give so very many a drink

His abundance of flowing spring water

Pure and clean water

Living Water freely given to the thirsty

Always ready as an angel who soars from above

Skipping past time to serve and protect one more on Earth below,

Faster than the blink of an eye

As compassionate words are spoken

Like sharp silver-tipped arrows that fly

In less than an instant from strong golden bows,

Another “woman at the well”

Takes the humble cup from the hand that reaches out,

A pure drink from Heaven flows within

And the Holy Spirit becomes that “living spring”,

Salvation from the Jews

Through the King of the Jews

Now welling up

To eternal life.