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Eyes of the human spirit pierce the far horizons

Eyes of the body and soul also see clearly very far

And then penetrate the depths of what is near

All that crosses the path

What is face to face

What lurks in the distant fog and clouds,

Beneath the surface charm and smiles

And the slippery, smooth oily words spoken;

Wisdom discerns the true needs of men and women

Compassion grips the moments

And holds them dear, near to the heart,

Understanding from above is carried as most precious

More than silver or gold

Sweeter than the drippings of the honey comb;

Some riches to be quickly, openly shared

Others too sensitive, highly valued

Wait for their precise moment to be set free

On the wings of doves, the power of peace that carries knowledge,

Intimate discernment, heavenly knowledge to be guarded

Then, cast as coals of fire from the Throne,

Things honored more than life in the body.


The Spirit of the Holy One speaks

And the nations tremble,

Though many stiffen in rebellion

And completely break apart;

A clear trumpet sounds from Heaven as a blast from a powerful angel

And the faithful watchmen hear, and echo the call,

They sound their trumpets the same,

With any price ready to be paid

In humble obedient service of “Truth and Justice”;

Tears are often shed for the many innocent children

Victims of tyrants and bullies, police state and martial law,

Prayers without ceasing for the lost souls,

And the trumpets sound again

With every breath of life that remains

Until God’s purpose is faithfully served

Compelled by deepest love.

And a heart is left bruised and nearly broken

By all the human suffering

All the foolish winds blowing about with lies and scheming

Selfishness worshiped by the arrogant few;

Yet, long suffering love triumphs

Steadfast love overcomes

Victory is taken hold of with greatest satisfaction

The race won from the beginning

With honor brought before the King,

Praise and thanksgiving the fruit of these true Kingdom servants.