Walking in the Presence of the Lord,

I have learned to seek Him with all my heart

His Way of peace always before me

His Way of love always beside me,

As the Holy Spirit leads, the pleasant Wind of Heaven

The powerful Spirit of my Shepherd leads

And I can only follow;

The obedience of true love guides

Through fields of scented flowers

Such aromas to embrace

Such captivating beauty

Satisfaction at every step,

Fulfillment in walking in faithfulness like Him

Our Shepherd who has gone before us

Each step of the Way as a Living Sacrifice,

The Gate, the Door

The Narrow Road on wonderfully open display

Lined with everlasting majesty

Covered with mercy and kindness,

Fruitfulness seen through  Heaven’s eyes

The same Light that rest within us now,

Lamp of God always surrounds;

Sometimes we see at a great distance

Sometimes the day consumes and encloses for awhile

Yet, true freedom always soars

High above on wings of delightful destiny

Winds that carry with complete ease

Each hope filled moment

Each rich day of discovery

Each step closer to Kingdom fulfillment.

The joy of such knowledge carries in strong arms

Lifts the heart and soul

Rock solid encouragement near from the Hand of Holiness

Our King of Compassion who knows each of our experiences as they unfold,

The Hand of trust that we so confidently hold.