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A walk along the beautiful California coastline

In search of the “Lost Coast”, an undeveloped stretch,

Much like a surfer who makes a weak effort

To catch a strong wave;

Human effort alone so feeble.

In Truth, in Divine Reality

No other way exists

Nothing else can work

Isolated human effort always miserably falls short;

But sadly few will ever understand

And acknowledge our most intimate personal need to believe

To know the God of Creation,

Yet, so easily satisfied with foolish stubbornness in what can be said or done.

Many plants in the high desert

Most full of thorns and thistles

Even grass with “sand burrs”, and then “goat heads”,

Our hands reach out boldly

But confidence returns often with only thistles and cactus thorns.

In humility, divinely ordered and enabled,

Spiritually moved, and sovereignly established

In “The Way” revealed from above

A path to enlightenment covered with delightful mystery

Waits to become known,

Priceless hidden treasure to be found

Most exquisite pearl to be discovered!

To seek, to ask, to knock

To believe in Yeshua

To desire to know Messiah,

To long with deepest longing

To want to seek to believe in Him above all else,

Then, to be able to will to really believe

To reach out from your heart

And suddenly to be anointed with the gift of faith in Messiah Yeshua;

A new man and a new woman follow God’s Way

And take their first steps in lasting confidence

Along the maturing Narrow Way

As eternal children of God our Father

And Yeshua our Kingdom Lord.