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From your hands, oh Lord

From Yours alone,

As Your children

We come to You

Hearts speak prayers

Mouths speak praise

Worship the fruit of our lives.

None can stand alone

But we all return to You

Before Your Presence we bow

In joy of salvation

In honor of Your greatness

Our King and our Lord;

Though we stumble, we do return

Though we fall at times, in ways

We return

Our paths before You, Lord

Strewn with the things of the world,

With people of the world,

Yet, we press on

Through the Gate

Down the Narrow Road

Continue day after day

Along the path You have set for each one;

We walk in love

We go in peace

Steadfast one step at a time

Like the ancient prophets,

We return to You

Our only hope and joy,

Like Aaron and Moses

We return to You

Our Lord and our Father,

As the Foundation Apostles

And the many early disciples

True Jews as well within our hearts

Who listen for Your Voice

Who know Your Word

Who know You,

Yes, we return to You!