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*written 7-30-2013, posted first on “heavensees blog”

“We walk with the Lord in the land of the living.”- Psalm 116

We see through the darkness

With the Light of Heaven in our eyes,

As the cruel divider helps ruin a nation

Subtle, clever man with clever, ruthless friends

Plans made long ago

Now unfold with forceful deception,

Invisible dark powers at their willing sides

Minds energized, minds transformed

Evil seductive control

Wickedness now on display in America,

“Prince of darkness” so cunning, so clever.

One humble, poor man walks in the new Light

True wisdom and understanding rain down from Heaven

Discernment to see through all things, all men

The good seed planted deep within has grown mightily

Equipped fully for the time, for this very season

Clothed with Spirit armor as well

Truth of Messiah’s Spirit a sharp sword that cuts finely,

Precisely moves and removes, divinely penetrates

With ample power to separate an innocent child from this world,

Power to lead many others the same

Eternal revelation of true life, a living stream in its very essence;

A fountain of truth, way of freedom from the many pretenders, all liars

Liberation from apostasy and clumsy merchants of death

Who peddle fear and greed and lust as commodities sought,

Earthly riches and beauty and power to be desired, possessed above all,

Fading treasures, conditioned to always hunger and thirst for.


Even as the enemies of God devour

The destroyer who hates, destroys them

Treated by Lucifer as mere flies about horses nostrils

Seen as so many animals led to the slaughter

Mocking and scoffing at the Creator of all;

The Holy One who sits as Judge

Long ago threw out the “dark lord” as trash

As refuse to the earth,

Vast garbage heap that grows daily.

The man or woman who is “Wise In America”

Has escaped as “a bird from a snare”,

They now stand free in salvation

And pull many others from the slime and muck

From the clutch of the enemy of mankind

From the impossible dilemma, the most deadly snare

Of Self- our fallen human nature.

A hand of divine compassion reaches out to the blindness

Tender, yet strong hand of peace holds tightly

Our Shepherd’s humble and gentle touch,

“His yoke is easy, His burden light”,

Spreads out in brilliance as a tent across the Universe

Eternal lovingkindness

Even covering lonely and forgotten hearts and souls in America

Our land yearning, longing for revival.