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In the flow of peace

“My Presence always near,” says my Lord,

Within my heart

In my spirit and in my soul,

All about my body

Angels, too guarding every footstep I take

Every day, every where

Comforting assurance encloses behind and in front,

Shalom floods my being

Confidence carries like powerful silver wings

That move in and through,

And lift high above any circumstance;

Yet, not me alone

But those near, dear to me in love and prayers

Who call upon the Name in Spirit and in Truth.

Love now flows around and within us,

Joy carries with the aroma of gladness

And makes each fragrant step a pleasure,

His peace surrounds with ultimate freedom,

Timeless Patience soothes the body and soul,

Kindness as a pure stream from within to all we see and meet,

Gentleness reaches out to tenderly touch

To encourage each child whether young or old,

Goodness of God as a comforting stream within and about

Eyes sense His good work at every turn

In every meaningful purpose,

Faithfulness lived out before our Lord the greatest delight,

Self control through the Cross under the power of an anointed will

To choose to do right

With clear discernment

Sometimes shrewd, sometimes cunning

Yet, to choose love always first.

Our fruitful life in the Holy Spirit

With the Name above every name

On the lips

In the heart

Written on the forehead

On our morning songs and evening praise

With each breath taken a gift from our God;

Always within me

Always near me

My hope, my destiny

My eternity in a future of His glory,

Forever to experience His Holy Presence

True Life never to end.