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At the busy local food store checkout line

Patience again tested,

Magazines on both sides

Young models pose their beautiful faces and bodies

In a sharp contrast with the gossipy newspapers;

The surface beauty of youth on bold display,

What is seen on the outside

Quickly fades,

What is known in the heart is Eternal

And who can weigh the difference

On the scales of truth

With transparent honesty

Embracing naked spiritual reality?

Some lovely flowers open slowly

Last a very long time in steadfast beauty,

Some come on quickly with a radiance

And then quickly disappear in a thin mist,

The fragrance on the wind

But a scent that drifts away;

Beautiful hips “as a jewel, the work of the hands of an Artist”,

Beautiful soul and spirit

The work of the same One

Our Creator who reflects all beauty

In so many ways,

Countless expressions crowned by humanity,

Even as the stars above that differ in beauty from star to star;

Tangled human knots of perception

Simply unraveled

Easily undone by a perfect God.

The food line moves

A familiar smile greets

Mature female eyes that calmly hold Light

Such friendly efficiency, pleasant countenance;

Food in bags and I’m off again

To run my own race of peace,

Yes, to love first

Always to love First!