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Ah, the weight of discouragement

Heavy upon a moment, a circumstance

Upon a day or an endless string of days

Upon the fragile life of a human soul;

Most sensitive ones

Who care deeply

Who yearn for good

Who long for heavenly touches upon the reborn spirit;

The ways of the world

And of those who belong to it,

Who trample on holy ground

And use the Holy Name as a curse,

Those who delight in darkness

Celebrate falsehood

Destined for eternal terror.

But this man finally bows in the dust

Lifts his hands to Heaven

Looks at last to  the only One

And humbly prays-

“All my times are in your hands, Oh Lord.”

Then, Divine favor is reminded

As another chosen one amongst very many

Whose hope is alive and still “on fire”

With true Kingdom Spirit “emerald rainbow glow”.