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Richest treasure lost

So long ago, forgotten

Jewels of priceless reality

Lasting wealth faded far beyond human understanding;

The heart does not seek meaning

The soul does not search for purpose

A man’s will numb to the point of spiritual death,

And no one remembers or cares

Or even cups a drop of true honest yearning!

All have wandered away as mere sheep

The decay of corruption complete

Nothing good to say or do,

Purest treasured knowledge of the Holy One

Forever lost to man and woman,

Babel, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah, Beast kingdoms…

Darkness has swallowed them all.

But then, in a supernatural earth moment spoken of by Prophets,

As a sudden flicker of Light

Miraculous sparks from a divine ember

A man and a family into a new tribe, a willing people created

Abraham became a nation with new inner longing for perfect truth

Covenants revealed

Covenants with God beautifully unfolded

A merciful Creator powerfully made known

And the search for eternal treasures began

Hunger for heavenly perfections stirs within

Thirst for truth to clothe all shame;

Then, suddenly, the Anointed One stood in their midst

As the only perfect One

Eternal Savior, Eternal King.

Salvation has come to us all

By the created Israeli nation

By the longsuffering Jewish tribes,

Israel itself soon to be gloriously reborn

A rose finally in bloom

With sweet aroma of Christ

And the fragrance of His Eternal Life,

In our own generation

In our own day;

All as most powerful warrior angel Michael stands ready

Sword in hand, burning with consuming zeal!