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Unforgettable moments

Most meaningful, tender moments

Kindness, gentleness lived out

Loving, intimate moments that seem to last forever

In your memory, always fresh,

So alive deep within

Ready to bubble up

Or to stream into your mind;

Good thoughts as fragrant meditations

Healthy scented reminders

Remembering good seeds planted

Good seeds spiritually watered

Fountains of Life by the very hand of God,

Gifts from above

Supernatural experiences

Visions and dreams

New quality songs of praise revealed in a morning walk

Or an evening jog along a humble path;

Such heavenly pleasures as a foretaste

A steady flow of encouragement

That lifts and enlightens strengthening hope,

Empowers the new life of faith in Messiah chosen

Knowledge in Yeshua that is eternal

Knowledge that is Eternal Life,

Knowledge that becomes true worship of God

Sealed in Spirit and in Truth.