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Gathering strength for the gathering storm,

Sensitivity in dimensions of love, joy and peace

Kingdom ones who care with all their being;

A glowing arrow tipped with purest silver

Flies as a sharp streak from an angel’s bow

Refined in Heaven’s furnace, precisely pointed

It penetrates deeply into the heart of the target

Even within the human soul’s spirit;

The kind touch of God’s honesty

A reproof, a rebuke in love given

It gently moves

In tenderness from an eternal caring heart,

Expressed in such goodness offered

Protection and lasting concern.

Bountiful free gifts stream from above

Rich in all compassion

A true wealth of mercy,

Wisdom soon lifts high above your peers, even teachers

Discernment with understanding soars above most others

Knowledge grows more and more divinely intimate;

Most sensitive love looks into the eyes of another, sister or brother

And melts resistance away

Even without words spoken,

Eyes share a drink of nectar from invisible cups of Yeshua’s freedom;

Sweetness of these ordained moments

That last a lifetime,

And far beyond;

Perseverance asks a question of care once more,

Endurance answers calmly with compassion

And deepest encouragement flows peacefully once again.