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Love covers all

Every stumbling, each failing

Every transgression, willing and unwilling

Lasting forgiveness in the powerful flow of the Spirit

Crystal River of the Royal Command-

“To love God above all

And to love one another as He loves”.

When times of stress come as a flood

Upon a nation, upon a family, upon a man or woman

With times of difficulties like a mountain left to climb

Even after exhaustion has set in,

Conflicts with people near and far

Conflicts within and without;

Yet, the tearful prayers of the Church-

His Body of disciples and followers and believers,

Wash over and cover

Cleanse the moments, the circumstances;

Messiah’s forgiveness moves powerfully

And life continues onwards,

Things forgiven and forgotten

“Seven times seventy” in one day,

From day to day, moment by moment.

How great the love of our God revealed

How great the love of Yeshua shown

How great the love of His Spirit lived out in and through us;

How delightful the river of purest waters that flow

Giving life to all it touches,

Even the Crystal River from beneath the Holy Throne,

A stream of Living Water on Earth

That wells up from within the true Church of God’s children!