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Lying on the soft, cozy couch at rest

Early morning sounds outside the door

And outside the living room window,

As a dove coos repeatedly

Other birds begin as well,

Then, a neighbor’s dog barks

With another neighbor’s car off to work again;

Common things, simple things

In the humility of a daily routine.

Now, in the deeper humility of my bowing early

Prayerfully, quietly before the Lord of Heaven and Earth,

Intercessions with heartfelt thanksgiving rise high above

Words of praise and honor stream out in divine fellowship

Love lifted into rich meditations of Holy written Words

Holy Spirit Words scribed down on ancient scrolls

Preserved from generation to generation

All for us today,

Pure Daily Bread- food for the human spirit

With sips of Living Water;

And the spirit is renewed

The soul refreshed

The body encouraged and sustained,

The earth trembles just a little more

Mountains melt a bit.

A final early prayer is sung-

“Oh Lord, restore us all,

My Lord, cause your face to shine on us

And we will be saved.”

Up from my knees

And into the day,

Armor of powerful Light covering,

This one stands ready, prepared for spiritual war!