Scorch of the sun

The heat that seems to bake the skin

Water so precious

Fresh cool liquid sought above all,

Shade a priceless comfort

A little breeze most wonderful

As the ceiling fan stirs air about

Restful, quiet solitude of the day

Peaceful music in the back ground

Pleasant conversation of family or friends

Maybe later a dip in a pool;

A child feels protected

A child who hungers for constant protection.

Vulnerable little ones

Who still wander about

Streaks of dried tears in the dust of a face

Lost, and staggering about alone

No clear path to follow, confused

Hardship and struggles of the oppressive summer day

Helpless, desperate to reach out,

And who will meet the hand

Lift a cup of water

Offer a place of shelter,

Who will offer a shred of compassion,

A show of kindness to the weary ones about us all.

The Throne of Lovingkindness and Justice watches closely

A clear, transparent omniscient pool set before Him

The infinite Universe, the Earth in detail displayed before the “blazing eyes”,

Easily sees each deed or the lack of,

Moves a heart here and another there

Brings goodness together in one place after another,

Water flows from a Rock

Bread is multiplied often

And yet humanity thirsts for only war

And greedy control and demonic destruction;

Fire with greater heat than the sun

Waits for all of these rebels in the fire of hell

“Prepared for the devil and his angels”!