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To simply wait

And rest in the One with ultimate control,

To prayerfully wait upon the Lord.

No more running in circles

Impatient and restless

Anxious for nothing;

Prayers seem unanswered

Things once seen or heard in the Spirit,

Confidence had risen strong

And stood boldly above the world,

Now as time flies by, visions faded

Noble plans dragged down

Almost flat, down on the Earth;

Time once raced smoothly by

At a good pace, in a good place

But then, things stopped

Heaven became very hard

Cries went unanswered

Money nothing but trouble

Friends drifted away

Family stepped back

Few others at arms reach,

Then, fellowship faded .

God so far away

Needs unmet

Despair again as a serpent slithered nearby

Light became less so

Darkness reared in ugliness once more;

The heart was dry

The mind grew numb

Scripture difficult to read,

Thoughts of some prophets of old

Job in his struggles, his persevering endurance,

And then, the Holy One fasting in desert Israel!

Finally he fell on his face

Bowed in the worthless dust

Lips dry and cracked,

Prostrate before the only God who cares

Who shows love and mercy

Who brought true peace when their was none

Truth in the face of the lies of liars.

And at last he waited on the Lord

Whether to live or to die,

All his time now in the Sovereign Hands;

Broken before the will of the only God of Peace

The only God of Trust

Higher than the heavens above the earth

Far beyond mere human life

God alone is His Trust

His true meaning and purpose for existence,

The Son of God,  Creator who alone is Eternal Rest!