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Songs of goodness carried in the wind

A gentle melody of forgiveness flows

Pleasant silver streams to comfort the mind

As fresh spring waters upon a garden of delight

Most beautiful flowers

Colorful, unique in form and fragrance,

Most vibrant vegetables and fruit as well

Nutritious  health that transcends even physical beauty

Strengthens, invigorates and stirs the spirit and soul,

As something greater heard, and seen

Something much greater.

With songs of powerful praise

Healing love upon the lips,

In songs of purest worship

Before the Throne of True Beauty

Before the King of all authority

Who “does not delight in the death of anyone who dies”,

The only One who can embrace all;

The music of angels resounds in thundering gladness,

Ones who minister true wealth to the saints

Those who hunger for God on Earth,

Who thirst with need for a lasting touch from Heaven

Showers of lasting treasures of real love and peace,

Even as the early and latter rain

Comes down from above,

The kindness of our Great God

Shown in strength and mercy of our Lord of Splendor

Given freely for each of us to know Him,

The choice of eternal, majestic fellowship.