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The surprise of a glance of kindness

A sincere smile of a stranger

Hints of genuine thanksgiving

Laughter at a sliver of humor shared,

Eyes look with innocence at your eyes

And a healthy warmth of comfort moves about

Compassionate sensitivity seen in another;

Peaceful acknowledgement shines in not so peaceful circumstances

Gratitude glows in a look of true awareness

Gratefulness surges in simplicity really understood

Sincere goodness quietly reflected face to face,

Rare honesty is easily shown in such transparency.

Silent tears can be washed away

With soothing balms, fragrant ointments

Oils of spiritual truth more than an aroma;

Steadfast friendship stands strong

Covering every stumble

Every clumsy human bumble,

A loving face sharp, like flint moves into a fierce headwind

Even as the sea of nations about rages

Their waves roar unhindered onto the shorelines;

But the unending beauty of caring love,

Tender anointed love from our Lord covers all

Power given to each one to freely experience triumph

To share in the ultimate Victory

Even when a great personal price must be paid!