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As if in a wonderful dream,

Floating on your back

At rest in pure waters

Slowly paddling along

The bright, friendly sun high above

Fluffy white clouds drift as well,

Such cool and comforting liquid ripples

Soothing and calming gentle waves of peacefulness;

Oh, to simply glide through the clean waters

The body and soul at rest

Mind at ease once more,

The good, hard work in life already done;

Long ago I surrendered to grace, to His love

Angels were sensed around me

God’s hand of favor upon my head

And upon those close to me.

Yet, I know, more adventures and discoveries to experience

Heavenly gold and silver, jewels wait to be found

Treasures in life to seek, for me and for others;

The inner heart and spirit alert, watchful

The compassionate peace of Messiah Yeshua always more than enough

On Earth no other personal desire

An abundance at hand to satisfy an eternity,

The work of the only Lord truly “finished”

The work of His Holy Spirit ready within,

Spirit victories to share

And the joy of salvation to mutually celebrate;

We wait on tiptoes

Awake and ready in my life and in yours

For the glowing threshold

The beauty of a new horizon

Now to be revealed.