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A voice in the angelic winds

A voice in the pure streams that flow from the mountains of God,

A distant call

Yet, not too far off,

Beautiful sounds that can be heard within

Powerfully moving sounds that shake the heart

Words with melodies that change the mind,

Convict and convince with a deeply soothing touch,

A calming Word flows as a fountain of life;

Seeds of assurance and reassurance sprout confidence

A new peaceful sunrise will follow this troubling sunset,

More beautiful than ever

Spiritual revelations of inner Truth to be birthed,

A good Seed of Promise

Becomes new life within

Flowers that bloom wonderfully

Mature into lush and rich fruit,

Nourish the soul

Give heavenly wings to the human spirit

Sustain the body

A countenance that glows brightly.

Inspired melodies and lyrics

Most unique songs within the heart

Even lines from King David’s Psalms burst forth

Rise powerfully into a new life of praise and worship

Honor of our God who fills the Universe

And beyond infinity,

And beyond eternity.