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Open the Word

Open your heart

Open your life,

For the Father speaks

And who seeks to listen?

Holiness flows in mercy

The stream of true Life from Heaven,

The mind is renewed

Refreshed with pure waters to drink

With strength to stand firm in this desert world

In the face of our dark enemies

The unclean spirits of hatred,

Every threat, every force of Lucifer’s darkness,

Everything imaginable

From the martyr’s sword

To the persecuted, unclean images of beloved sisters.

From the moments of weakness of self

Faith must overcome and rise up in action,

And it will, and it does act in Spirit love;

The Holy Spirit within

Secret Kingdom weapon hidden from those who love the world,

Towering strength of the Name above all names

Messiah, Anointed One high above all things,

As Redeemer persecuted and suffered as Savior

As Sovereign Lord ready to crush every enemy

Their blood one day to flow as a river of rage

In justice outside the gates of Jerusalem!

Our Yeshua, in power and greatness beyond full understanding

Yet, in humility bows to the Earth

Dwells within, His Spirit living within an anointed man

And a truly beautiful anointed woman,

Children of His Words spoken and written

Daily Bread of His anointed written Word,

The “Word made flesh”.