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Wings of justice

Soar high above the nations,

Countries as dust upon the pure golden scales;

Faith is tested

In critical balance before the Holy Throne,

The human heart knows

The human spirit senses

Yet, the soul and body pull away in internal conflict.

On the golden balance of Spirit Truth

A conscience as pure silver, is daily refined in God’s fire,

The perfect balance of holiness at work

The scales of absolute purity seen in Yeshua,

Our obedience to the spoken Words of the Shepherd

Holy Spirit truth that now dwells as life within us.

How do we know

How do we rest in assurance

In complete confidence on Earth

In our body of flesh and blood

Even as the harsh winds blow

And the intense sun scorches the skin

Clouds burst with flooding waters

And heavy rain falls upon the head,

It runs down the face

Drenches the clothing as we stand firm

Arms reaching towards Heaven in hope;

We know it by our Messiah’s Spirit

Even He who intimately indwells the hearts of His children,

His predestined, chosen ones in new birth

Who know His Father,

Who worship the Father

As the “woman at the well” did,

In Spirit and in Truth!