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To worry about the constant details

As the fires of perfection

Burn in human effort,

The mind scurries about

Moves like the wind blowing here and there

Constant motion, thoughts turn inside, then outside

Turn this way and that way

Endlessly repeated with raw anxiety,

A nervous, unsettling dance of circumstances seemingly played out.

The heart longs for illusive rest

Peace always beyond the fingertips

Money never a real comfort

Wealth but a worldly mirage,

The race for prosperity

Ends when the human candle flame blows out;

Most run from the Truth

Terrified by honesty

Frightened with the naked transparency of the soul,

“Self” with shocking disappointment avoided at all cost.

Yet, a few are separated at last from darkness

Removed from the large trembling herd

Brought into glimmering Light;

They fall to their knees in real time,

Alone and still, as arms stretch towards Heaven

The heart learns to bow in humility

While they begin to yearn and reach out in belief,

To take hold of constant divine Peace

To grow daily in rest with God

In the hope of their Creator

In the trust of the Holy Son!