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To cup all the waters of the oceans

In your hands

And to capture the four winds

Settling them deep within your pockets,

To control a human heart

To know fully a human spirit of a man or woman;

How impossible the selfish imaginations that run wild

Soar in a human mind,

Man in his arrogance,

A woman in her foolish pride!

Rebellious mankind in their delusions from dark places

As the waters of a storm

Roar through a valley

Flood over and through a dam;

Like roaring waves of a sea wind driven

Simply overwhelm the shorelines

Driven inland for many kilometers,

Farmlands covered,

Countless houses flooded out, ruined completely.

In the presence of the Most Holy One

King of Israel, mankind’s Redeemer,

What is left but to bow in prayerful humility

In honest transparency with tears for mercy,

And then to rise up again

In the strength of honor,

In true Spirit worship of our only God.