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Our small, diligent backyard friend

Faithful each morning

Steadfast every evening,

Always in search of needed food

Bugs and worms and seeds

All to keep the nest full and ready

To satisfy the present needs

And to meet the pressing future-

Baby chicks,

Eggs as gifts of responsibility soon to crack open;

Hungry mouths

Noisy little mouths helpless and dependent

Children so easily with tears

So easily frightened

Hands and hearts openly held out,

Vulnerable, defenseless

Always thirsty, chilled and hungry.

And who will care for them,

To feed and clothe

In days of famine

In times of plagues

In a long season of drought

When all human hands hang limp!

Who will step forward in our lives,

Maybe one like Joseph in ancient Egypt?

Or like Daniel in old Babylon?

Who in America will stand the test

Will face the challenge

Eyes confidently fixed on the dilemma;

Who really hears the Voice of the Holy Lord

The Spirit of God who alone truly cares,

And, who can share their experiences wisely,

The knowledge of the One alone we can trust?