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Harsh wheels of stress grind away

Pressures build,

The soul tied into knots

The mind twisted with the past, in the present

And for the future;

Anxieties seem to rule

Sensitivities blurred, emotions frayed

Inner strengths divided

Pulled from so many directions

Beyond the point of insanity at times,

No rest to be found

No quiet place to calmly sit in stillness.

This big city pulses with unhealthy energy

Destructive forces always at work,

And for what purposes

The mind is already stretched thin,

Thoughts are even tormented

In a race “round and round”

From the beginning to the end

To the beginning once again,

Vanity and futility in a selfish dance

An erratic dance that goes on and on until-

A heavy numbing blanket covers,

Things begin to drag along

Day after day, time is lost,

Until all things nearly stop dead.


Then, a sound can be heard

Above the crowd

A peculiar voice, an odd strange voice

Yet, a quieting voice of reason

A stranger’s voice about a new place called “Peace”;

And, suddenly

Another soul is plucked from the unseen fire

A spirit is wrapped about with mysterious comfort,

With a hope come alive

Something good to believe in

Someone good to believe in

An inner revelation of a greater purpose follows

Deeper meaning from another realm

A place high above, far above somehow

Yet with roots deep into the Earth,

A new place to be at rest

A place for constant freedom

A God who is real,  a God who can be known

And a Savior who is “Reality” and Peace;

True salvation is made known

The Lord of Life reaches out a hand

In the Lord of Truth, Life is made known,

As frail hands are taken hold of

And a heart is forever touched,

Never to be let go of,

Forever and ever!