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In this life

All that I need,

Given life and breath and everything else

From the very Breath of my Lord

Spirit revelation Words from above

Settle deeply within my heart;

The Word of my God sustains

The Word of our God empowers with strength and endurance,

The pure fire of eternal Hope

Golden inspirations

Silver clean purposes

Jeweled meaning in rising and sitting

Jasper and carnelian glow about each precious day;

The look of love from Heaven always upon me

Taste of goodness at every hand

Greater and deeper beauty seen in coming and going

Courage from such Holy Trust guides along the “narrow path”,

A wide radiant pearl gate before me.

Hands of love always stretched out

Free gifts of love ready to share

Peace as solid Rock beneath the feet,

Glimpses of the New Jerusalem in visions, in brilliant splendor already seen;

Our King of Creation

High Priest of all human life,

First Born Son risen above all

Yet, looks at me, looks at you

With intimate tender love and mercy

Kindness in justice,

True to His Holy Name,

Savior of all who humbly come to Him!