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Closer, oh Lord

Closer than my breath

Closer to You,

My prayers with heart yearning, even tears

With all my heart

From the depths of my being

Draw me closer, oh Lord

Closer to you!

Our only refuge in this world

Our Heavenly comfort,

Your grace carries us

The soothing, calming winds of Heaven

Tender across  our faces and souls,

With footsteps of love as you gently guide our paths

Arms of peace always about us.

Through the troubles of every day

Perseverance opens the way

Endurance causes strength to become even stronger

Kingdom Life and Truth give Light

As believers become disciples!

A follower matures in faith into a leader,

The walk of humility in Holy Spirit revelation

Unfolds power and authority

Healing flows as an anointing,

Many are drawn together as one;

Tears in the evening

Become true joy in the morning

Our Savior shines brighter than the sun

The pure Light of His Spirit

Heaven’s glorious Gift from the Father

Radiant from all His eternal children.