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From the only hands of love

Reaching out to our heart and soul

A cup of mercy offered freely,

Sparkling droplets upon dead, dry lips

Jewels of hope offered to the hopeless;

Then, with a few more sips

And a little time for healing renewal passes

An intimate awakening surges forth

Revelation as a small spring of water

Grows into a strong flowing stream,

A most beautiful fragrant blossom opens

To Life itself;

A sudden calm and soothing Spirit within,

New experiences join with understanding

As God’s peace settles from above,

A true gift in Messiah as proof of a supernatural touch,

Something once mysterious

Soon to flow easily, freely with the honey of Heaven’s wisdom;

A few more drops of Living Water

And the ancient Holy Scriptures come alive,

The Book of Eternal Mystery is steadily revealed

And purely made known.

Now, somehow as a child once more

He matures day to day in faith

With prayer and daily Bread

The “Word made flesh” becomes a fountain of delight

From within,

Anointed lips sing new songs of praise

Anointed talents multiply abundantly

Treasures found, treasures shared.

So many others thirst the same

Every day, in every place,

A prayer of compassion is spoken often

Whispered repeatedly within-

“Lord, pour me out, too

As another of your vessels of Truth and Peace!”