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With us a day can be a thousand years,

With the Lord a thousand years is as a day;

One day, one year, a lifetime fades away

A vapor, a moment in time.

But, “Earth time” is lost in true patience, dissolves into eternity

While large fluffy clouds drift above

Simply move along, glide peacefully

As always more move in the same;

The Sovereign Presence high above,

The Eternal One as a granite mountain

Or even harder than rock in a diamond mountain that soars above

Brilliance in purity of endless facets reaching into the Universe.

A believer takes an unflinching look to the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Eyes and thoughts disciplined, fixed solidly

Steadfast on what does not change

Our Savior, our God on constant display

Within and without,

Mercy gracefully shines in lovingkindness;

He waits and watches as salvation unfold in another precious one

Work of His Spirit upon the sea of nations

One day, one person at a time

A precise plan for each with caring eyes that fully understand

See through all the circumstances

And into the very heart of a woman,

The spirit and soul of a man,

Then draws them near

In His eternal, timeless love.