He became like us

So that we could become like Him,

Messiah from Heaven

Holiness of the Father purely shown

That we might see the Father in Him

As His love is poured out

In this world, through us

Just like Him;

We walk in faith

Holy Spirit within

In the boundless love of the Father,

Each step of elegant peace

Words of Truth a living stream from our mouths

Meant to be anointed the same,

His fearless love that compels us

Compassion continually flows out

Gifts of His Spirit most radiant

Held out with a human touch,

Nothing to hold back

Everything to freely give;

To walk humbly, simple and pure

Always being obedient to His Spirit Voice

Holy Words written deep within

As we live for His Father

To bear much fruit to honor Him

Constant prayers offered to our Father and our High Priest

Heaven’s work our only true food and drink;

We walk just like He did in this world

Often alone, but never alone

As an outsider, not belonging to this world;

Zeal for HIs house

Israel, all true Jews,

Hope burns brightly

The Sword of Truth flashes

As His blazing eyes follow us

Each step of our way, His Way.