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Spiritual Light rises powerfully

Enters the heart intimately

Flows into the soul majestically,

Healing penetrates the human spirit with mercy

Compassion as a gentle wind across your face,

Even while you stare into the sunset

In awe of what has been

And, then again in the delight of another sunrise,

Wonders of the new day that will burst into blossoms

Rich with the sweet fragrance of life

Deepest aroma of our God of Love

Fully made known in the Redeemer

Our Savior, God’s Holy Son, the Way of Truth!

Most intimate Words of Life empower

Stream from the pages of Scripture,

Living Words of lasting pleasure indwell

As worship spreads angelic wings of Heavenly honor

Praise rumbles like thunder in the New Temple,

Cries of Glory from the mouths of His children

All who are called

All who are chosen;

Tears of joy stream down the faces

Of every tender heart,

Innocent sheep with lambs

Run with gladness after their gentle Shepherd.