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Wandering the barren wastelands of doubt and unbelief

A life without true love;

Digital, mechanical and material world

Much as a cactus in a vast desert

Covered with thorns

Stands alone in a dry land

While the scorching sun beats down,

Wind driven dust and sand

Blow about randomly

In waves of slowly unfolding chaos

Without lasting meaning,

Without purpose of being.

A man stands and wonders in a large city

Overflowing with traffic and noise

And the hustle of anonymous crowds of people

The bustle of buying and selling with worthless currency,

Always building many things,

Cold, hard structures to tower above

Yet, void of what reflects beauty in freedom,

What proclaims hints of true lasting peaceful enlightenment.

The sun itself a most brilliant star

Spreads a tent of comfort over our Earth

Rises in morning majesty

Sets in dramatic colorful splendor,

Light and warmth in abundance from above

Projects the present wonder of being alive

Heightened pleasures discovered on the Earth

Goodness of life itself found after all

Even the ready fullness of the Gift of our Creator

Experienced through Messiah’s Cross in redemption,

Seen and openly experienced in His greater Light,

The sheltering spiritual comfort of a Savior revealed

Rises in the heart,

Deliverance shown in the abundant life of His only Son,

Penetrating radiance from the Throne of Truth

Everlasting brilliance from the Shepherd’s face,

The look of eternal love from the God of Love

For this man, for this woman,

Now a Child of Earth becomes a Child of Heaven!